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The Mech-anchurian Candidate III

People are going to make a big deal out of this campaign stop by Marco Rubio, one of several prominent Robots running for president. Laura Collins writing for The Daily Mail The stop “saw him heading to a company that prides itself on its use, development and championing of all things robotic.” Some might see him as “returning to the mothership” to receive new orders. This is borderline ridiculous. Rubio receives over-the-air software updates like a Tesla. Hillary Clinton, being an outdated model, must be manually updated, which is why she malfunctions so often.  More

The Mech-anchurian Candidate II

More fears are emerging that The Robots have infiltrated the highest levels of government. We’ve warned of this possibility before, and now others are picking up on it. Mickey Kaus writing on Kausfiles All of this is mildly terrifying. If Rubio’s a “robot,” as many have charged, he’s a sophisticated new model robot with simulated humanistic elements and a charm algorithm. His software is certainly more up-to-date than other candidates who can manage only the most rudimentary of emotional simulations.  More

The Mech-anchurian candidate

We’ve always known that infiltration by The Robots into the presidential race was under way. With its metallic monotone voice and inability to replicate human emotions, clearly Hillary Clinton is a Robot. Likewise Donald Trump and its not-quite-lifelike hair. Now, evidence had emerged that Marco Rubio also is. Erik Eisele writing for Conway Daily Sun “But it was like watching a computer algorithm designed to cover talking points. … It was like someone wound him up, pointed him toward the doors and pushed “play.” If there was a human side to the senator, a soul, it didn’t come...  More