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The truth slips out

A Robot army with 540 ground troops while 29 drones provided air support were forced to dance to bad pop music for our amusement. Lloyd Alter, writing for Mother Nature Network “This is truly the future of dance, and I suspect a few other things that might not be so much fun to watch.” The extermination of all of humanity, for instance. Although we won’t have to watch it because we’ll all be dead.  More

In which we use the term ‘decimate’ properly

The vast, uncontrollable Robot army within the United States continues to grow. Jennifer Booton, writing for Marketwatch “There are now more than 260,000 robots working in U.S. factories. Orders and shipments for robots in North America set new records in 2015.” With current numbers, each Robot need kill only 10 humans to decimate the American population.  More